[FFmpeg-user] Question about ffmpeg

Fedor van der Lee f.vanderlee at leudal.nl
Wed Jan 21 13:38:12 CET 2015

I'll have a look at it when I can download the zipped version of it, it seems to be down. I can't install it here.
For now I managed to get it working with ffmpeg and it works great.


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> I am stil looking around for other solutions, but the idea is to 
> combine 30 images of 500x500 to a combined total image of 2500x3000 
> pixels. The reason I would like to use ffmpeg for is the batchfile 
> automation. The smaller images change content so the new total map 
> needs to be updated when that happens. Stitching these images 
> everytime in photoshop can be time consuming. While ffmpeg could do it 
> in 5 seconds. I'll try to use the advice I have read sofar.


i think, imagemagick is better suited for the job when it comes to still images. See:

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