[FFmpeg-user] transcoding mp3 to wav

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Fri Jan 23 20:44:29 CET 2015

Dave Rice <dave <at> dericed.com> writes:

> Not sure if ffmpeg supports any lossy codec in 
> WAV but the specification does allow it.

Among other lossy codecs, FFmpeg supports muxing 
adpcm_ima_wav and at least a handful other adpcm 
codecs including G726 and G723, it supports muxing 
mp2, mp3, aac, wma1, wma2, atrac3 (I hope), amr 
and ac-3 in wav. I am proud that muxing e-ac-3 is 
also supported. I believe it would be possible to 
also support atrac3+ but I would need somebody who 
is able to test (WMP without ffdshow that plays 
such files).

Carl Eugen

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