[FFmpeg-user] The device does not support the streaming I/O method.

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Sun Jan 25 18:05:29 CET 2015

Thomas Seilund <tps <at> netmaster.dk> writes:

> It seems I am able to read video from the device with this command 
> - I will try that in the future - thanks
> tps <at> t420:~/AMC/test$ ffmpeg -y -f mpegts -i /dev/video1

Am I correct that "ffmpeg -i /dev/video1" does not work?

Could you test if the following inlined patch fixes 
"ffmpeg -i /dev/video1" (without forcing the format)?

diff --git a/libavdevice/v4l2.c b/libavdevice/v4l2.c
index 8337cf5..3676f63 100644
--- a/libavdevice/v4l2.c
+++ b/libavdevice/v4l2.c
@@ -815,7 +815,7 @@
 static int v4l2_read_probe(AVProbeData *p)
     if (av_strstart(p->filename, "/dev/video", NULL))
-        return AVPROBE_SCORE_MAX - 1;
+        return AVPROBE_SCORE_EXTENSION + 1;
     return 0;

Thank you, Carl Eugen

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