[FFmpeg-user] FFmpeg-user - ffserver seems to CPU heavy

Axes-techsa stephen at axes-techsa.co.za
Mon Jan 26 06:52:22 CET 2015

I have an instance of ffserver serving live.h264 on Rtsp port 554 with all required arguments and flags set the same as fmpeg feed1.ffm instance 
My question is does ffserver have to write the data from ffmpeg then demux and decode and recode and mux if I want the same specific format that ffmpeg puts out 
I've tried -override_ffserver but it doesn't seem efficient at all 
I know I'm either doing something wrong or over thinking this but is ffserver not capable of serving only and not reprocessing and if so can I not use the file created during ffmpeg original process 

Ffmpeg to file is 100% perfect 
Ffserver file to another pc is 100% perfect with minimal lag 

I've tried to Launch ffmpeg to feed1.ffm within ffserver but get pid ### exited with status 256 after 2 secs which tells me the process fails 

I've tried to udp to local host:8080/feed1.ffm (ffserving on rtsp port 554) then ffplay on remote pc but only get poor quality and 3 to 4 seconds lag while 8 cores are at 75% max 
Bottle neck seems to be in writing to file multiple times but running eMMC v5 so can't really do this any faster 

In short can I pick up the "cache" while it is still in the processor to feed to ffserver without writing to file a few times 
As Linux is all file base is the processor cache not available somewhere in /dev/ so I can stream directly from ffmpeg output 
Or can I get ffmpeg to send raw to ffserver to compress to h264 and serve as rtsp 

compiled latest git version compiled so --
fmpeg -probesize 130k -v 99 -rtsp_transport tcp -re -y -vsync 0 -I rtsp://(input IP):port/feed.amp -vf drawtext="fontfile=frees arid.ttf: fontsize=10: fontcolor=white: borderw=1: bordercolor=black: text="thank you for your support" -c:v libx264 -c:a copy -b:v 8000k -crf 40 -qp 0 -s 1280x800 -g 13 output.h264 works perfectly 

Output not available as I'm writing on my phone


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