[FFmpeg-user] The device does not support the streaming I/O method.

Thomas Seilund tps at netmaster.dk
Tue Jan 27 16:22:31 CET 2015

Carl Eugen Hoyos writes:

> Thomas Seilund <tps <at> netmaster.dk> writes:
>> It works fine when "static int v4l2_read_probe(AVProbeData *p)"
>> returns 13
> Please provide a sample, I would like (to try) to
> get this fixed, but this will not be possible
> without a file.
> Thank you, Carl Eugen
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Hi Carl

A sample file is now on the ftp server.

Name of file is cat-The-device-does-not-support-the-streaming-IO-method.ts

I got the file from the device using "cat /dev/video1".

As mentioned earlier the file comes from an HD PVR (Hauppauge) device  
connected to a Panasonic camera.


Thomas S

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