[FFmpeg-user] Finding which frames were marked as interlaced by vf=idet

Jan Sever n32 at email.cz
Tue Jan 27 19:17:34 CET 2015

Hi all,

is there any option to enable printing of numbers of frames which were marked 
as interlaced by vf=idet? I'd like to detect the parts in a movie that are 
interlaced because the detection is not 100% successfull (although it's very 
precise: many thanks to everybody involved), so I'd like to detect interlaced 
frames and then if there is a bunch of interlaced frames, although not 
subsequent, to deinterlace from the first to the last, deinterlacing even a 
few frames before the first and after the last detected.

Thanks in advance for your precious advice,
Jan Sever

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