[FFmpeg-user] Output file experience pix_format change

Bazza lamia at jeack.com.au
Sat Jan 31 00:15:52 CET 2015

On Fri, 30 Jan 2015 13:40:07 +1100, Bazza <lamia at jeack.com.au> wrote:

>I suppose my basic question is this. 
>Should the output be undergoing this format alteration under any
>circumstances? Or, put another way, does libx264 ignore some
>recognition of the pix format some of the time? If so, why?
>Perhaps those color commands are forcing new 'acknowledgements'
>on the 264 filter by necessity?
>It seems odd that some parameters leave the file untouched and a
>little confusing when one has to remember extra behaviour patterns.
>Just trying to clear up my understanding.

Thank you both - Moritz and Andy.
Moritz for the insight into the filter (I kinda figured that was the
underlying process but needed it to be confirmed) and Andy for the
Mplayer's hiccups. I suppose I should ask a supplementary question.

Given that a file might switch from yuv420p to yuv444, is there any
great significance to domestic equipment? I see the failure of Mplayer
to cope with the change but can this failure also apply elsewhere?
In a sense, should one aim for yuv420p for compatibility?

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