[FFmpeg-user] Long delay during live streaming

En Figureo Canal figureo56.com at gmail.com
Sat Jul 4 03:27:45 CEST 2015


Today I finally was able to send a feed from my pc's capture card to
ffserver but, when i play the stream on either vlc or with ffplay, there's
a long delay of about 3 minutes. Also, if I stop viewing it and play it
again, then the stream starts from when I started uploading the feed.

I MUST be doing something wrong, please guide me or point me to the right
place where I can find a solution to the problem.

I'm sending the feed from pc using ffmpeg:

ffmpeg -rtbufsize 1500M -f dshow -i video="input":audio="input" -vcodec
libx264 -preset ultrafast -tune zerolatency

My ffserver configuration looks like this:

<Feed livefeed.ffm>
        File /root/livefeed.ffm
        FileMaxSize 1000M

<Stream livetv.flv>

        Feed livefeed.ffm
        Format flv

        VideoCodec libx264
        VideoSize 320x188
        AVOptionVideo maxrate 500k
        AVOptionVideo preset ultrafast
        AVOptionVideo bufsize 1000k
        AVOptionVideo flags +global_header

        AudioCodec libfdk_aac #libmp3lame
        AudioBitRate 96
        AudioChannels 2
        AudioSampleRate 44100
        AVOptionAudio flags +global_header

        PreRoll 0
        MaxTime 0


I'm just doing a test so I can learn more about ffmpeg and ffserver. Thanks
in advanced for your time.

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