[FFmpeg-user] How can adaptive bit rate be done streaming with ffserver

En Figureo Canal figureo56.com at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 05:06:37 CEST 2015


Since I'm in the process of learning more and more about ffmpeg and
ffserver for a future project I have planned, I have a question regarding
streaming with adaptive bit rate using ffserver.

I know (I think), that a feed can be streamed with different bit rates and
sizes by specifying different streams encoded at different rates. But, is
there a way to do automatically find out the user's BW and "serve" the
correct stream according to it?

I've heard about DASH but, haven't look into it and don't have any idea if
is, or will be, supported by ffserver.

Bandwidth, in my country is very expensive and Internet service is not good
enough to stream high quality video.

Please guide me to where I can get more info about my needs.

Thanks in advanced for you time.

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