[FFmpeg-user] Statics when record with ffmpeg

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Mon Jul 13 23:05:51 CEST 2015

MrNice <wxcvbn2006 <at> iol.ie> writes:

> And now the output audio file is perfect, not distortion, 
> no static.


> Now I have to learn pulseaudio commands, do you have a link?

I am sure you will easily find something, the reason 
I don't know anything about it is that normally 
pulse is the disease and alsa the cure (and my 
antique distribution still works with alsa) but 
it seems that in your case, this is different.

> The fact is there is an issue and a workaround:

Using pulse is no workaround, you simply have a 
system where alsa may be broken, it is often 
different (but alsa is no "workaround" then).

Carl Eugen

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