[FFmpeg-user] Encoding a stream of base64 image strings into video

Yotam Laufer y at utab.com
Tue Jul 14 14:27:49 CEST 2015

>> The example I included for rasterizing a base64 datauri 
>> is taken from the documentation and uses GIF, running 
>> it on the command line will generate an image, so I’m 
>> guessing some support is there. I use PNGs if it 
>> matters.
> I am not sure I understand this sentence, but in any 
> case: There is a png parser but no gif parser, so if 
> you try to send gifs through a pipe (no matter if 
> base64 encoded or not), it will not work, sending 
> pngs through a pipe to FFmpeg is expected to work 
> fine.

Yes, PNGs work as expected and I successfully render the video. I’m just looking for a way to eliminate the base64 decoding stage in the host, preferably moving it to ffmpeg.

>> Following your answer, these questions arise:
>> Is base64-over-pipe not supported at all?
> Apparently not, at least judging from your report.

I guess you are correct.

>> What are my options apart from decoding base64 to 
>> binary in the host, which is very slow?
> You could implement an option to the pipe 
> protocol to accept (and decode) base64.
> Note that a base64 decoder exists in libavutil.

If you have an example on how to approach this it will be most helpful. Does this mean modifying ffmpeg source code?

> Please fix your quoting and do not top-post;-)

I don’t fully understand the meaning here, but would like to comply with the list’s posting guidelines. Is this reply formatted correctly?

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