[FFmpeg-user] Help to convert some formats to web suitable. I sould pay for help

vedran valajbeg at gmail.com
Sat Jul 25 14:32:52 CEST 2015

Hello guys,

i need somebody to write me commands for converting videos i'm prepared to
pay that. it should be able to process feew different formats and convert
videos to a few most popular formats.. nothing which would not work out of
box in ffmpeg.. and maybe some tweaking about processor usage and quality
but that second part is less important. Anyone interested?

Please send me how much would that cost aprox. I need to convert *most of*

mov (QuickTime Movie)
mp4 (MPEG-4 Video)
mpe (MPEG Video)
mpeg (MPEG Video)
mpeg4 (MPEG-4 Video)
3g2 (Mobile Video)
3gp (Mobile Video)
3gpp (Mobile Video)
asf (Windows Media Video)
avi (AVI Video)

And convert to *most of* these:

   - HTML5, Flash: MP4/H.264, High profile
   - HTML5: WebM
   - HTML5: Ogg
   - Mobile: MP4/H.264, Baseline profile, 480x360, for wide compatibility
   - Mobile: MP4/H.264, Main profile, 1280x720, for newer iOS devices
   (iPhone 4, iPad, Apple TV)
   - Mobile: 3GP/MPEG4, 320x240 and/or 177x144, for non-smartphones*

Important is to support being played in chrome, firefox, ie9 and iphone and
android.. .. at least, most of those with importance of being able to play
on iphones

p.s. i use videojs for video play.


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