[FFmpeg-user] Cropping small portion of input video while rescaling

Kieran O'Leary kieran.oleary at irishfilm.ie
Sun Jul 26 13:05:45 CEST 2015

Carl Eugen Hoyos writes:

>This should be -framerate 24

Is this because I'm using an image sequence? I don't see much info re -framerate in the ffmpeg documentation. What's the main difference between -framerate and -r?

>> -r 24

>Remove this one unless there is a (specific) reason.

Do you mean that I don't need to specify the framerate of the ouput as I've declared it for the input? Would this command be ok?

ffmpeg -start_number 867116 -framerate 24 -i /Volumes/Stardom/glitch\ tests/untitled\ folder/%06d.dpx -vf "scale=720:576, crop=in_w:in_h-32" -c:v v210 /Volumes/Stardom/glitch\ tests/untitled\ folder/ffmpegv210reseiz24cro32pxcrope.mov

Thanks for your help, Carl. I've tried to fix my quoting (manually).

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