[FFmpeg-user] task/job offer

vedran valajbeg at gmail.com
Fri Jul 31 16:24:50 CEST 2015


few days ago i tried to get somebody to prepare some ffmpeg commands for me
with detail requirements what i need. Unfortunately other than few
comments, nobody appeared.

I'm prepared to pay 100$ for following, if you think it is not enough, say
and explain why. If the task is completed properly, we could have
continuous contract

If you are not interested to work or help, don't mess the thread.

1. I would give you about 30 videos as a sample for input, various formats,
usually from mobile phones and home cameras

2. I need JUST command/s which would:
 - Reduce resolution if the source video is greater than 1024px width.
 - Keep the format proportional
 - Keep proper audio quality of any source video
 - Preserve as good as possible quality/bitrate ratio of the video.
 - Video to be playable in html5 player (videojs) on iphone 3 and above (so
that the bitrate is not more than iphone can play or that it is not higher
resolution than iphone can handle)
 - have two outputs, one with flv and another with mp4 (no ogg or any other

Environment is Debian squeeze with packages from multimedia repository. If
recompiling is needed, i would appreciate just basic guidelines. Nobody
needs to do that for me.
I don't need any script, batch file or so, just simple commands.

And that is about it.

IF ANY additional codecs or something else needs to installed, everything
is possible.

Please just contact me.


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