[FFmpeg-user] How to convert PRORES source XYZ to ProRes yuv422p10le

Andreas Gumm andreas.gumm at googlemail.com
Mon Apr 4 20:22:56 CEST 2016

Not sure if ffmpeg can help you in this task and if it can do the same as
After Effects.
It is possible to assume XYZ colors to an YUV source clip in After Effects
so After Effects could be your friend.

Maybe a list member can give you specific ffmpeg command line to apply
source clip Interpretation similar to After Effects.


Am 04.04.2016 um 15:39 schrieb Kieran O Leary:


> On Mon, Apr 4, 2016 at 2:05 PM, pasaico <pasaico at gmail.com>
<pasaico at gmail.com> wrote:

>> Hi guys,

>> I'm trying to convert a file to a ProresXYZ.mov ProresYuv, but I can not
>> because ffmpeg recognizes it as Yuv422p10le input, but it is really
>> Xyz12le.
>> This is link with TEST https://we.tl/Cgm3x1AVJw
>> Thankyou
>> Pasaico
>> Hi,
> What makes you think that your file has an XYZ colour space? How was it
> created? To the best of my knowledge, Prores does not support XYZ. I
> downloaded your test file and mediainfo also sees it as YUV.
> Best,
> -Kieran.
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