[FFmpeg-user] Interlaced x264

Anatol anatol2002 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 11:51:34 CEST 2016

Following are idet results of my file:

[Parsed_idet_0 @ 0x1dee2c0] Repeated Fields: Neither:   903 Top:     0
Bottom:     1
[Parsed_idet_0 @ 0x1dee2c0] Single frame detection: TFF:     0 BFF:     0
Progressive:   220 Undetermined:   684
[Parsed_idet_0 @ 0x1dee2c0] Multi frame detection: TFF:     0 BFF:     0
Progressive:   902 Undetermined:     2

While those are idet of a sample file that was generated from the same
source and with similar encoding params (more or less), but with PAFF/TFF:

[Parsed_idet_0 @ 0x19e7540] Repeated Fields: Neither:   884 Top:    11
Bottom:     5
[Parsed_idet_0 @ 0x19e7540] Single frame detection: TFF:   572 BFF:     0
Progressive:     2 Undetermined:   326
[Parsed_idet_0 @ 0x19e7540] Multi frame detection: TFF:   900 BFF:     0
Progressive:     0 Undetermined:     0

Well, it would be nice if the Mediainfo would say it that it is
'interlaced' with 'Top Field First' scan order,
but my main concern that those files have different structure, therefore
the file that I generated won't comply with the sample file that I got.


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