[FFmpeg-user] HLS-Stream via ffmpeg/Mediaserver to TV

Thomas Schmiedl thomas.schmiedl at web.de
Sun Apr 10 17:08:42 CEST 2016


I try to receive this HLS-stream: 
on my router (Fritzbox 7312; MIPS-based) via a mediaserver (e.g. 
Mediatomb) and transfer the stream to my DLNA-TV (Panasonic).

The TV doesn't play the .m3u8 directly ("file not readable"). My idea is 
to process the .m3u8 in ffmpeg (without transcoding), which sends the 
stream to a network socket, the mediaserver reads from this socket and 
transfers the stream to my TV.

Could someone help me to realize this? I'm not an expert in this issue.

Thanks for your help and best regards,

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