[FFmpeg-user] ffserver audio livestream "Could not open output feed file '/tmp/inputAudio.ffm'"

Matt Flax flatmax at flatmax.org
Tue Apr 12 22:46:51 CEST 2016

Yep that is what I thought as well. Which protocol do you think I should 
enable ? file perhaps ?
Here are the available ones :
$ ./configure --list-protocols
async               icecast              rtmpt
bluray               librtmp              rtmpte
cache               librtmpe              rtmpts
concat               librtmps              rtp
crypto               librtmpt              sctp
data               librtmpte              srtp
ffrtmpcrypt           libsmbclient              subfile
ffrtmphttp           libssh              tcp
file               md5                  tls_gnutls
ftp               mmsh                  tls_openssl
gopher               mmst                  tls_schannel
hls               pipe                  tls_securetransport
http               rtmp                  udp
httpproxy           rtmpe              udplite
https               rtmps              unix

On 12/04/16 21:09, Moritz Barsnick wrote:
>> ffserver -f /etc/ffserver.conf
>> Could not open output feed file '/tmp/inputAudio.ffm': Protocol not found
> Ah, interesting.
>> # ffserver -protocols
>> Supported file protocols:
>> Input:
>>     http
>>     rtp
>>     tcp
>>     udp
>> Output:
>>     http
>>     rtp
>>     tcp
>>     udp
> my ffserver build has a lot more - just as many as my ffmpeg has.
> I guess your configure flag "--disable-everything" even disabled the
> protocol named "file". I think you need that to access a file on disk.
> Guessing,
> Moritz
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