[FFmpeg-user] cross compilation of ffmpeg

Rakesh Sadhu rsadhu at infodif.com
Thu Apr 14 16:56:09 CEST 2016

Hello ,
I am trying to compile FFMPEG library on my host machine for Arm board.
Host Machine is Linux -64 bit box and Board is Sabre-IMX6DualLite-

I am using tool chain from o SDK from Freescale for Yocto .

Tool Chain: arm-linux-gnueabi-arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-g++

I am successful to build hello world program and run on the target board

Kindly help me how can i build my ffpmeg library here .

I am stuck at configure .

./configure --cross-prefix=arm-linux-gnueabi- --enable-cross-compile
--target-os=linux --arch=arm  --cpu=cortex-a8
--extra-cflags='-march=armv7-a -mfpu=neon -mfloat-abi=softfp'
arm-linux-gnueabi-arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-gcc is unable to create an
executable file.
C compiler test failed.

I will be thankful .


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