[FFmpeg-user] Fwd: DVB Subtitles Live transcoding

Moritz Barsnick barsnick at gmx.net
Fri Apr 15 14:57:54 CEST 2016

On Fri, Apr 15, 2016 at 11:51:23 +0200, Liam Carter wrote:
> The issue is an upgrade of FFmpeg isn't practical at the moment as the new
> version stops working after 24 hours or so and this version works for
> months without a need to stop.
> Does anyone know what the difference is regarding DVB_SUBTITLES is between
> these versions

You said you're "having issues" with DVB subs, but you didn't describe
the issues, and you didn't provide console output from the command. And
you didn't say whether you expected it to work, because it perhaps did
with other streams.

In the course of four years, there are bound to be tons of differences,
from bug fixes to support of new features. One of those differences may
be important for your scenario, but we won't go trying to find old bugs
which have long been fixed.

Instead of describing what's wrong with the old version, would you care
to describe the issue you have with the new version? *That's* the one
you need to report and we should be worrying about. We would like to
see you trying the latest version of ffmpeg, if possible built from git
master HEAD, with the full command line and complete, uncut console
output. (If it's way too long, omit the middle part, but keep the first
and last 50 lines or so.) And of course describe the actual issue


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