[FFmpeg-user] libtheora, libmp3lame, vidstab, libvorbis, and libxvid not found on OS X

Jim Worrall coniophora at gmail.com
Sat Apr 16 05:07:02 CEST 2016

> On 2016 Apr 15, at 2:39 PM, Rodrigo Polo <rodrigo.polo at gmail.com> wrote:
> I did, Do you read my entire first mail where I said that I didn't included because it looks like all the libraries had the same issue and that for that reason I included all software and libraries version? 

You’ve been asked to include your config log, you didn’t.  You been asked not to top-post, you still are.  You were asked to install pkg-config with Homebrew, no response.  Your reports have been unclear.  And now you seem to be developing an attitude.

I use Homebrew on OSX to install dependencies and libraries, then I build ffmpeg.  It works fine.  We might be able to help you, but you should be bending over backwards to do as we suggest, provide requested information, etc.  

And by the way, speaking only for myself, I have no interest in jumping through your hoops to see if I can follow your instructions to reproduce your problem.  I have it working fine.  You’re the one who needs to jump through the hoops.

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