[FFmpeg-user] on frame changes in recode

Xen list at xenhideout.nl
Fri Apr 29 15:09:41 CEST 2016

Nicolas George schreef op 29-04-2016 13:14:
> Le primidi 11 floréal, an CCXXIV, Xen a écrit :
>> >Generally, on this mailing list, only current FFmpeg git head is
>> >supported.
>> Well there you get it, more nitpicking. Important reason not to give 
>> this
>> data to people.
> Let me translate your message:
> "I am an egoist, all I care about is a solution to MY problem, I do not 
> care
> about the time of the people who will help me as long as I get a 
> solution. I
> know that with a little more effort from me they could have helped 
> other
> people in the same time, but I do not care about other people."

That's not true at all. You are projecting here.

What is really happening is that "you kind of people" (not talking about 
anyone in specific here. Just the culture that arises and rebates).

As Phil Rodes attested to.

This "little more effort" often comes down to spending 20 more hours so 
that another's 1 minute might be saved. THAT IS EGOISTIC.

Telling someone to compile a git head, spend 5 hours on that to get it 
working, just so that another person does not have to spend 20 seconds 
thinking on what is actually going on, is deeply selfish and egoistic.

And it does not even further your cause.

What I care about is people not wasting my time and their own.

Sending (in that example) someone to #ubuntu+1 is time wasted sending 
someone away, you waste the time of the people who are going to have to 
answer the same question again, and if you go along with that you never 
get to the right place. Time wasted for everyone.

People habitually waste everyone's time by telling them to do stuff that 
is not warranted and not needed and not helpful, and that doesn't 
produce any benefit, or only very meagerly so.

Using (for example) git head of (ffmpeg) that you need to compile 
(likely) while it is not applicable to the problem is time wasted for 

You waste time telling someone to do that to begin with that you could 
have spent on solving the problem.

Yes, you waste your own time to begin with. Not on me, on everyone when 
you do that kind of thing.

If you had thought for three seconds, you would have known that using 
the latest version of ffmpeg could never affect the output of gstreamer, 
which for my purposes here, has been identical.

So is that time well spent? No. Not at all.

It is beyond selfish. It is just unthinking.

In Dutch we call this "being sent from the cupboard to the wall". In 
English it is called "being sent from pillar to post".

Sending people from pillar to post wastes everyones time, including the 
one doing the sending.

Selfish doesn't even come in to that. Ineffective, wasteful, 
inefficient, and unthinking comes into that. Unaware, comes into that. 
Taking the easiest way out, comes into that. Not making an effort, comes 
into that.

With the information I provided anyone who already had or could have had 
an idea of what it could be, would have been capable of answering.

When you ask a question, you first inquire into existing knowledge, 
always, before diving deeper and "wasting" peoples time if the provided 
information would already have been enough to garner an answer.

Anyone being aware of this anomaly (which should be widely known if this 
is anything common) would have been able to instantly answer and 
pinpoint it. That is the first task you have as a question asker: to 
inquire into existing knowledge.

You do not need to provide full details for this existing knowledge to 
be "triggered". Anyone knowledgeable would instantly recognize it. Then, 
if this recognition does not happen, THEN you can provide additional 
data so that people can start to troubleshoot it.

That is what you do at all times in real life. You start out with a 
small question before you venture on into bigger ones.

It is completely commonsensical and everyone can feel it in their bones 
that this is true, yet organizations in general choose the more 
difficult path of endlessly sending people around not getting helped.

Don't ask me to do stuff that doesn't help.

Here is an exact equivalent ;-).



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