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> I am trying to encode TV recordings into the "best" container format, where
> "best" means that the video has changing aspect ratio, eg:
> some segments 16:3 then 4:3, then back to 16:9.
> Seems the only container formats supporting this and/or that ffmpeg can
> encode in a working fashion are TS, VOB / DVD (MPEG2 PS) and MPEG2 TS.
> Only mplayer can correctly play back aspect changes with AVI, kodi, ffplay, vlc
> all just play back with the initial aspect ratio.
> TS plays back correctly with all players - ffplay, kodi, vlic, mplayer, but TS has
> aout 10% overhead over all the other containers in my experience.
> The PS files created with "-f vob" or "-f dvd" in ffmpeg have about the same
> size as avi and are correctly played back with AR changes by ffplay, vlc, kodi.
> The versions of mplayer i tried only plays back mpeg2 video in PS, not h264.
> Alas, i have some important apps that leverage mplayer.
> So i am wondering:
>   - Whats the difference between "-f vob" and "-f dvd" in ffmpeg ?

'-f vob' specifies the container format. '-f dvd' additionally sets encoder bitrate and restrictions to ensure DVD standards compliance.

>   - how "standards" compliant is it actually to encode h264 into vob/PS
>     files. As in: i'd feel a lot safer if i'd know that my encoding
>     was standard compliant and mplayer has a bug than if mplayer is right,
>     and all the other players are just very forgiving.
>     After all, h264 seems to only exist in Blu Ray and those seem to use TS,
>     not PS...
> Any other format idea i could try ? The most widely used ones, mp4,mkv
> seemingly do not support AR changes.
> Cheers
>     Toerless
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