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Toerless Eckert tte at cs.fau.de
Sun Dec 4 21:43:17 EET 2016


How about my question wrt. what is "standards compliant" inside VOB
containers. Especially h264 or even h265.. Any ideas ? Or if not
standard, then "how common" do folks think is vob/ps used as container
for h264. Because i am not aware that i've ever seen it being used that
way before (only MPEG2 VOB from DVD). 

My concern is to encode in a container that most likely all those
embedded boxes, china, roku, amazon, etc.. pp would play. 


On Sun, Dec 04, 2016 at 10:01:37AM +0100, Carl Eugen Hoyos wrote:
> 2016-12-04 5:23 GMT+01:00 Francois Visagie <francois.visagie at gmail.com>:
> >>   - Whats the difference between "-f vob" and "-f dvd" in ffmpeg ?
> >
> > '-f vob' specifies the container format. '-f dvd' additionally sets
> > encoder bitrate and restrictions to ensure DVD standards compliance.
> This is not correct, the nav packets are the only difference.
> Carl Eugen
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