[FFmpeg-user] High memory usage when merging videos

Jonathan Girven jonathan.girven at trickbook.com
Tue Dec 6 17:51:58 EET 2016

> I am sure you can confirm that this is not the binary you are shipping, right?

Correct, this is just a binary I am playing around with to see the
improvements. It is not being redistributed.

"--enable-jni --enable-mediacodec" I was testing because I had heard
about MediaCodec support in FFmpeg, but I understand now this isn't
used if you compile a binary. It can probably be removed. Why do you
point to these?

"--enable-nonfree" I understand means it cannot be redistributed.

> Patches are discussed that may improve the memory usage.

Where can I follow the progress of these? ffmpeg-devel mailing list is
best? Otherwise there isn't much I can do to improve my FFmpeg

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