[FFmpeg-user] Missing headers/libraries when crosscompiling ffmpeg

Nikolaus Neusser nik.gen at gmx.de
Sun Dec 11 23:09:18 EET 2016

>>> How did you produce the list?
>> After running ./configure and make i checked the logfile" config.log".
>> There were several entries about "no such file or directory" like the ones below.
>> So i used "grep" to find all those lines and manually deleted the beginning and the end of each line.
>> I am not an expert for cross-compilation. I assumed all those errors are relevant.
> No no no. Don't do that. That's ffmpeg automatically checking for
> certain features. E.g. different platforms require different headers,
> so do various libraries. ffmpeg is checking for availability and
> adjusting the build process. It doesn't necessarily matter if they're
> not found! Not all of them can be found - e.g. some are
> Windows-specific, some Mac-specific, and so on.
Ah, ok. Thanks a lot for the explanation.
Then i might not even have a problem any more.
I am using ffmpeg through a plugin for qt and that seems to work after a few tests.

 >And/or post the output of your complete ./configure, and those first
 >and last 50 lines (if it fails).

Make finishes without errors.
The first few lines of ./configure are:

Prefix to /home/niki/opt_qt_for_rpi/qt5.7.0/qtsrc/pot/pi/3rdparty/ffmpeg/ffmpeg_src...
install prefix /home/niki/opt_qt_for_rpi/qt5.7.0/qtsrc/pot/pi/3rdparty/ffmpeg/ffmpeg_src/ffmpeg_compiled
source path               .
C compiler                arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc
C library                 glibc
host C compiler           gcc
host C library            glibc
ARCH                      arm (arm1176jzf-s)
big-endian                no
runtime cpu detection     no
ARMv5TE enabled           no
ARMv6 enabled             yes
ARMv6T2 enabled           yes
VFP enabled               yes
NEON enabled              no
THUMB enabled             no
debug symbols             no
strip symbols             yes
optimize for size         no
optimizations             yes
static                    yes
shared                    yes
postprocessing support    no
new filter support        yes
network support           yes
threading support         pthreads
safe bitstream reader     yes
SDL support               no
opencl enabled            no
texi2html enabled         no
perl enabled              yes
pod2man enabled           yes
makeinfo enabled          yes
makeinfo supports HTML    yes

Enabled programs:

External libraries:
bzlib                   libssh                  xlib
iconv                   openssl                 zlib

Thanks a lot,

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