[FFmpeg-user] Buind ffmpeg-3.2.2 on Mac OS X

Jim Worrall coniophora at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 14:55:14 EET 2016

Moritz pinpointed the problem to missing/lost x264.h.  In my mac system that is at /usr/local/include, so if you can find it, you could perhaps move it there.

If that doesn’t work, I second the suggestion of Luke to use homebrew to install a lot of these dependencies and such.  It works well and has up-to-date versions.  The command
brew install libogg libvorbis libgsm libvpx fdk-aac lame libass orc sdl xvid yasm pkg-config x264
installs all those things.  Then next time you want to update ffmpeg, just
brew update
brew upgrade

And like Carl, I’m confused by some of the options you chose.  Are you sure you want to build ffmpeg but --disable-ffmpeg?  I’m curious what the resulting product would be.

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