[FFmpeg-user] Why is length and bitrate zero?

Michael Heuberger michael.heuberger at binarykitchen.com
Sun Dec 18 22:57:27 EET 2016

Hello folks

I just have encoded a webm video with a duration of about 2 mins. But
when I play it on a website or in a video player, it tells me length is
zero. Weird. So I have inspected it in my local Ubuntu SM video player,
see attached image. Indeed, length and bitrate are zero.

This is the ffmpeg command I used to encode the video based on image frames:

ffmpeg -f image2 -thread_queue_size 2048 -framerate 18.9 -i
-y -an -vcodec libvpx -filter:v
drawtext=fontfile=/home/michael-heuberger/binarykitchen/code/videomail.io/src/assets/fonts/Varela-Regular.ttf:text=www.videomail.io:fontsize=10:fontcolor=0xFFFFFF at 0.25:x=text_h:y=main_h-(text_h*2):shadowcolor=0x111111 at 0.15:shadowx=1:shadowy=1,scale=trunc(iw/2)*2:trunc(ih/2)*2
-crf 8 -pix_fmt yuv420p -deadline good -cpu-used 1 -loglevel warning

Yes, it is a bit long and has a lot in it. It's for the www.videomail.io

But I hope someone of you can spot what I am doing wrong with the ffmpeg
parameters. Is there a reason why bitrate and length is zero?

Thanks for any clues!


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