[FFmpeg-user] aevalsrc question

Adam Puckett signalsender103 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 16:02:55 EET 2016

On 12/19/16, Nicolas George <george at nsup.org> wrote:
> L'octidi 28 frimaire, an CCXXV, Adam Puckett a écrit :
>> When you say it "works" for you (I have to double the ^ to escape on
>> Windows),
> My condoleances.
>>	    does it produce this file?
> Yes, approximatively. Are you just hearing Vorbis artifacts?
No, because when I ffplay the same command, or generate uncompressed
files, I hear the same thing. I've checked the math and nothing
appears to be wrong according to the documentation, because when t =
10, 10/10 = 1, 262*2^1 = 520, so the formula should produce a 520 Hz
sine at the end, but the resulting frequency at the end is close to 1
kHz. This is puzzling.

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