[FFmpeg-user] High memory usage when merging videos

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Wed Dec 21 12:00:15 EET 2016

Le decadi 30 frimaire, an CCXXV, Jonathan Girven a écrit :
> Are you thinking that the processing task I am trying to perform is
> simply too much for the device I am using? That might well be the
> answer.

I do not know, your filter graph is way too complicated, I can not see
what is wrong as is. All I can do is explain the principle.

Some situations inherently require a lot of memory. For example, imagine
you want to concatenate the current minute of webcam recording with
itself: you have to store the whole minute somewhere.

I think most useful situations do not trigger that kind of problems. But
with a complicated filter graph, you may be unwittingly introducing
loops that cause them.

Basically, to find the source of your issue, someone needs to take a
large whiteboard, draw the graph and follow the frames. I suspect, with
that huge filter graph, nobody will do that for you, sorry.

To follow the frames, you need to know this: filters with several inputs
require frames with the same timestamp, and almost always a next frame
to know the duration.


  Nicolas George

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