[FFmpeg-user] Changing behavior matroska muxer

Антон Приходько tosha at oviont.com
Thu Dec 22 10:04:05 EET 2016

Hi all !
Since version ffmpeg-20161006-0212867-win64-static it has changed the 
behavior the matroska muxer.
The problem is:
If earlier tracks were available, players display content of the output 
file, its encoding is still going on, in later versions while encoding 
tracks of output file is not available for players, MediaInfo, ffmpeg. 
ffprobe etc.
For releasers torrent trackers is a disaster. Often you need to see the 
result of the encoding in the moment or cut the part of the encoded file. 
If the encoding window to close, the result can not be processed.
If the encoding hung window has to be closed. Previously, you could to remux 
the file and save more of the coding result. Now all this can be done.
With other containers such problems now are not present. Maybe there is some 
option that affects this behavior? The documentation is no difference on 
this occasion is not found.
Huge request to the developers: If this option is not, please return the 
previous behavior
Encoding is by ffmpeg-20161218-02aa070-win64-static below
Mediainfo screenshot:
The FFProbe.exe (in several versions, starting with said at the beginning, 
ffprobe reads more tracks)
FFprobe result:
Sorry for bad English and google translate. Thanks.

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