[FFmpeg-user] stream pre-encoded local files as a live source

Egor Egorblch temp_for_x at mail.ru
Sun Dec 25 20:06:57 EET 2016

>> I'd like to stream them to my home DLNA server as a live stream so
>> that I could watch them on my smart TV. Also, I don't want to re
>> encode them so that they all have the same container and codec.

> That actually calls for an actual DLNA server. There are some solutions
> which nicely wrap ffmpeg for you. Two come to mind - I haven't gotten
> around to trying them, but they might do fine for you:
> - mediatomb
> - Universal Media Server

I already have a Media Server on LAN, now I need a 'streamer' or 'packager' so that I
could pick up a 'live media feed' on that Media Server.

I'm sorry, I didn't explain it well.
I don't need the VoD service via DLNA, there is a need of some kind of an IPTV channel
that I source/stream from my local HDD.

>> After that I'd like to make a .m3u play list with those links and
>> apply it on my DLNA server as IPTV links.

> I'm not sure, but I believe you should then be able to relay these
> streams to your "central" DLNA server, if you don't want your TV to
> pick up a second one.

I tried to stream the files via VLC but a renderer (TV, sony PS4, etc) stops playing at
the end of a first streamed file so I thought maybe FFmpeg could do the job better.


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