[FFmpeg-user] Remove audio from DV file not working

Tim Hiles thiles at confex.com
Tue Dec 27 06:25:14 EET 2016

Hi all,

I figured out a workaround (three step process) and for posterity's sake
figured I'd mention it here.

#1. Transcode to AVI like so:

ffmpeg -i "clip-2007-01-01 17;02;58.dv" -vcodec copy -vtag dvsd -acodec
pcm_s16le -f avi -y "clip-2007-01-01 17;02;58.dv.avi"

#2. Remove the audio with the usual -an command:

ffmpeg -i "clip-2007-01-01 17;02;58.avi" -c:v copy -an -map 0:0

#3. Transcode the AVI back to DV

ffmpeg -i "output.avi" -target ntsc-dv video.dv

Unless anyone else knows of a more efficient way to do this?



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