[FFmpeg-user] Can we solve the following problem with ffmpeg ?

Vinay TS vinay at streamingo.in
Fri Jul 1 14:33:31 CEST 2016


I want to know if ffmpeg suite of tools can solve the following problem. 

a) I have a Video .mp4, with Subrip sub titles. [ .srt].

b) I stripped the audio stream from the video and  want to use the srt for training my Automated speech recognition effort. 

c) I segmented the audio into smaller .wav files using a segmentation tool. 

d) On checking if the sound signals and srt time stamps are same, I realized they are not in sync. 

e) The srt time stamps were created manually I think .

Is it possible to use ffmpeg suite of tools, to synchronize the srt time stamps with the time stamps on the sound signals. 

Any other ideas, would be welcome too. 



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