[FFmpeg-user] codec "H264" is not found

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Tue Jul 12 20:28:38 EEST 2016

Иван Чванов <chvanov.temp <at> mail.ru> writes:

> I downloaded the "FFmpeg 64-bit Dev Versions" here: 
> https://ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/.
> I use the library to the project, written in C ++, "MinGW" compiler.
> In the file "README" the library said that she collected from 
> the "--enable-libx264" parameter. That is,
> it should be h264 encoder, but the function 
> "avcodec_find_enсoder(AV_CODEC_ID_H264)" returns "false".

I believe the Zeranoe binaries also come with the command 
line tool "ffmpeg.exe" linked against the very library 
you tested.
Does h264 encoding with ffmpeg.exe work?

Note that we (FFmpeg developers) are not Zeranoe, this 
is not the Zeranoe mailing list. There is a Zeranoe 
forum, on this mailing list, it is (mostly) expected 
that you compile FFmpeg yourself.
(Especially if you have an issue that we cannot 
reproduce with self-compiled binaries)

Carl Eugen

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