[FFmpeg-user] Where to put yadif in complex filtergraph

Ganesh.Irelan at syda.org Ganesh.Irelan at syda.org
Sat Jul 16 16:02:28 EEST 2016

I want to use this command in a script executing both HD and SD content so I need to deinterlace.  -vf yadif returns the error shown below.  Can someone tell me where and how it should be entered in the command?

./ffmpeg -i "/Users/ganesh/Desktop/Top Level/Exported Media/0001RR.mp4" -i "/Users/ganesh/Desktop/Top Level/Exported Media/0003ZR.mp4" -i "/Users/ganesh/Desktop/Top Level/Exported Media/0004ML.mp4" -filter_complex "[0:v:0][0:a:0][1:v:0][1:a:0][2:v:0][2:a:0]concat=n=3:v=1:a=1[vcat][acat]" -map "[vcat]" -map "[acat]" -crf 28 -vf yadif c:v libx264 -c:a aac CONCAT_TEST2.mp4

Filtergraph 'yadif' was specified through the -vf/-af/-filter option for output stream 0:0, which is fed from a complex filtergraph.
-vf/-af/-filter and -filter_complex cannot be used together for the same stream.

Kevin Irelan

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