[FFmpeg-user] libopus encoder produces bigger files than opusenc with 6-channel audio

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Mon Jul 18 19:56:42 EEST 2016

Peter White <peter.white <at> posteo.net> writes:

> For 6-channel audio the "target" bitrate is 320 kbit/s 
> in both applications.

>From a (very) quick look at the source, I don't think this 
is correct but it doesn't matter because defaults may 
change. Note that you should not assume FFmpeg plus 
external library behaves like external library plus raw 
input. This may be true for some cases but you must not 
rely on it and I don't think there is a bug if the 
library behaves differently (by default) with or without 

Carl Eugen

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