[FFmpeg-user] watermark text with background at the bottom center of video

Peter White peter.white at posteo.net
Thu Jul 21 10:32:13 EEST 2016

Am 21.07.2016 um 04:48 schrieb davidjesse:
 > ffmpeg -i myvideo.flv -vf
 > drawtext="fontfile=/root/video/Bristol.otf:
 > text='Stack Overflow': fontcolor=white: fontsize=24: box=1:
 > boxcolor=black at 1:  x=(w-text_w)/2: y=(h-text_h)/2" -codec:a copy
 > output.flv
 > I want to have a full black background cover the bottom of the video
 > and in the center of the black background write the text.

Well, it works for me. The text goes to the *center* of the image
though, which is due to "y=(h-text_h)/2". Don't divide by 2 and it
goes to the bottom.
Also, the box does not span the whole width of the video. I think that
cannot be achieved with this filter though, because there is no way to
specify the width of the box.

Have you tried the latest git master? Maybe there is a bug in an older

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