[FFmpeg-user] Meaning of key/values in output of progress option

Peter White peter.white at posteo.net
Thu Jul 21 21:48:20 EEST 2016

Am 21.07.2016 um 18:00 schrieb Konrad Reiche:
 > Hi,
 > the -progress [URI] options allows to post progress metadata to an
 > endpoint. The output roughly correlates with the one printed to
 > stderr in verbose mode of ffmpeg:

I haven't found any documentation either. But here is what I have
gathered from grepping the source. Mind you, I am not a programmer.
Think of me as someone who can say "Hello", "Goodbye" and order a beer
in C. ;) So, no guarantees.

 > 8f

Don't know what this is. My guess: number of key=value pairs excluding
progress. Also, this is not present in the current git master.

 > frame=91

Frames encoded so far.

 > fps=0.0


 > stream_0_0_q=23.0

output stream quantizer. First 0 is outfile ID second is stream ID in
that outfile. So stream_1_2_q would mean quantizer for current frame
in 3rd stream of 2nd output file.

 > total_size=205437

size so far in bytes

 > out_time_ms=4388571

misnomer: timecode of current frame in microseconds, not milliseconds
as the name might suggest, see below.

 > out_time=00:00:04.388571

same as above just human readable

 > dup_frames=1

number of duplicate frames so far

 > drop_frames=0

dropped frames

 > progress=continue

this is always the same, except at the end when the value is "end".

 > I am specifically interested about speed and progress/time.

Newer versions have a "speed" key now. Or you need to know the FPS of
your input, then it is fps/FPS. Progress as in % done is not provided
but you can get that by dividing out_time_ms by total time of the

 > What can I learn from these values? I need this for monitoring
 > purposes of the health/quality of the running ffmpeg transcoding.

Don't know what you mean by health/quality.


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