[FFmpeg-user] Get rtsp stream on max speed

Ганьков Андрей gav at qsolution.ru
Fri Jul 22 12:22:24 EEST 2016

Hello all

I try get video from archive of dahua video recorder. I found that i can 
get video through RTSP protocol, like 

I can play video from archive in VLC, but i want save video to file. I 
use ffmpeg for this. I get video by next command:

ffmpeg -rtsp_transport tcp -i 
-c copy -map 0 video.mp4

And it works. But i getting video stream in real time. if i want get 1 
hour, i need downloading video around 1 hour. Why i can't get video more 
fast? This is not real time stream. This is stream already recorded on 
HDD. Potentially i can get video more fast.

Is it impossible get video stream in no real time? Or can i setup ffmpeg 
to get stream more fast?

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