[FFmpeg-user] (no subject)

RDP gliese849b at gmail.com
Sun Jul 24 19:42:51 EEST 2016

On 24 Jul 2016 5:30 p.m., "Carl Eugen Hoyos" <cehoyos at ag.or.at> wrote:
> Phil Rhodes <phil_rhodes <at> rocketmail.com> writes:
> > Please, if you aren't interested in getting involved
> > in a discussion, simply ignore it.
> Yes, this is what I would honestly like you to do.
> But as I learned over the last decade, this is a
> desperate and unsatisfiable hope..

Touché!  ;o)

(.. incidentally, Phil, your list email also ended up in my spam folder..
telling me the rocketmail address is misconfigured.. ).

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