[FFmpeg-user] Building FFmpeg with OpenJPEG 2.0

Emre Besirik nomercy at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 23:50:43 CET 2016

I’m not saying it is impossible, it is by default top-post, as in apple mail now I’m just typing this mail and in outlook with only these tree happens to cover most likely more then 90% of the mail users population. most used = most liked, most appreciated, easiest. designed like this top-post by default. You may have got used to read it like this, and its OK, I get it. Every one has some way of do things, how you used to, do it your way.
BUT just please don’t make it look like its written in a holy book by god for us to obey? Like a big sin to top-post, don’t, please… let people have their own way, just like I don’t say please top-post, just because I like it that way...

Emre Beşirik
nomercy at gmail.com

> ​Using gmail, if you select the part of the message you're actually
> replying to, it will crop it, and put the cursor after it.
> These "rules" as you call it (in full caps, no less), have a reason to
> exist: they make it easier to follow what we're talking about. Once you get
> more than a handful of messages, on different topics, you appreciate that.
> If you don't care what your messages look to other, then by all mean feel
> free to do as you please...
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