[FFmpeg-user] Building FFmpeg with OpenJPEG 2.0

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Thu Mar 24 00:37:03 CET 2016

Am 24.03.2016 um 00:08 schrieb Emre Besirik:
> Besides who actually tied something stupid as reply location to very very unrelated subject of respect? Thats where I get lost???
> We can argue about usability of one opinion over the other all day but respect? come on…
> On the subject of usability; I agree the usefullness of inline commenting time to time but what if I’m not commenting, I’m just replying? Do I have to write it below? WHY??? there is really no logical reason to this?
> if the issue is too much message history? you still can clean them up writing top-post? it is no easier to cleanup when bottom-posting? its all the same, there is no difference, to top or bottom posting for this?
> Some people tried to show how bad it looks, now I’m showing how also good it can look, if you want it to look good…
> Up to date and latest content is always on top, first thing in your reply, easy to find, easy to read.
> Every major mail client does auto collapse below (prev. posts)

how do you show here "how also good it can look"?

when i only read your mail i have no clue what you are talking about 
because it has no conext, a reply without context makes no sense because 
it breaks the sense of a thread and if you post don't belong to the 
topic it must not be a reply but a new message starting your own topic

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