[FFmpeg-user] Find loudest point in media file, and return *time* of that point, not amplitude?

Stuart Bruce stuartrbruce at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 15:15:46 CET 2016


I'm hoping to find a way in FFmpeg (or FFprobe or SOX, but ideally in
FFmpeg) to process a video or an audio file and identify the loudest point
in the file, as a time value.

Both FFmpeg and SOX have commands for analysing the amplitude, but they
only seem to return the loudness at the loudest point, whereas what I'm
interested in is the timecode (or equivalent) within the file at which that
loudness happens, or first happens.

Is there a way to analyse an audio or video file and return the loudest
point as a time value, rather than just the amplitude? I can't see one in
the documentation but I'm hoping someone can help.



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