[FFmpeg-user] mapping

jacky renaux.jacky at orange.fr
Fri Mar 25 12:43:43 CET 2016

I am in charge of encoding from DVDs made by a post-production team
vob to mp4 to download to our streaming server.

These DVDs contains several files (6 is the most current number) not
written the same day and have different "Steams" setting (mapping)
some Stream: [0:0.. Data, Stream: [0:1 .. Video , Stream: [0:2 .. Audio
video is always mpeg2video, audio: pcm_dvd and Data: dvb_nav_packet
some different setting number.

_process_ :
I do concatenation using copy /b dos command to get a large vob file
and then run ffmpeg to encode in mp4 (avc/aac) all is fine thanks to ffmpeg

  * Time to time the final mp4s are not encoded in the same  order than
    vob and seems
    due to streams (I supposed it is due to Stream Data )
  * If I do encode each  separated vob files to vob, then do the
    _process_(above) the result is always fine
  * I have tried _process_ using -map 0:v and 0:a without success

question is there a map command which is disgarding the input vob mapping
do I have to encode using ffmpeg concat command ?

Thanks from your advices

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