[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg issues with XAVC-L in MXF container

Tim Zett tim_z at gmx.net
Wed Oct 5 13:42:58 EEST 2016

Hello all,

I'd like to re-wrap Sony XAVC-L video based on OP-1a in MXF container, 
in order to produce proxy files for my edits.
I am using the following command line:

& $ffmpegpath -i $Item.FullName -map 0:0 -map 0:1 -map 0:2 -map 0:3 -map 
0:4 -c:a copy -c:d copy -c:t copy -copyts -metadata 
creation_time=$Timestamp -c:v libx264 -pix_fmt yuv422p10le -intra -b:v 
16000k -vf scale=1280:720 -y $targetfolder\$TargetItem'.MXF'

However, the resulting frames are interlaced, even though in the 
original file the are progressive, and even they are variable frames, 
other than in the original where they are fixed:

Format                                   : AVC
Format/Info                              : Advanced Video Codec
Format profile                           : High 4:2:2 Intra at L3.2
Format settings, CABAC                   : Ja
Format settings, GOP                     : N=1
Format settings, wrapping mode           : Frame
Codec ID                                 : 0D01030102106001-0401020201323001
Duration                                 : 4s 800 ms
Bit rate                                 : 16,0 Mb/s
Width                                    : 1 280 Pixel
Height                                   : 720 Pixel
Display aspect ratio                     : 16:9
Frame rate mode                          : *variable*
Frame rate                               : 50,000 FPS
Color space                              : YUV
Chroma subsampling                       : 4:2:2
Bit depth                                : 8 bits
Scan type                                : *Interlaced*
Original scan type                       : progressive

When I encode in MPEG-2 things stay in place as they should be, even 
though that is not the target format where I need to get to:

& $ffmpegpath -i $Item.FullName -map 0:0 -map 0:1 -map 0:2 -map 0:3 -map 
0:4 -c:a copy -c:d copy -c:t copy -copyts -metadata 
creation_time=$Timestamp -c:v mpeg2video -pix_fmt yuv422p10le -intra 
-b:v 16000k -vf scale=1280:720 -y $targetfolder\$TargetItem'.MXF'

Please advise.

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