[FFmpeg-user] tools for viewing frames and results

Mikhail V mikhailwas at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 15:24:18 EEST 2016

On 10/9/2016 12:24 AM, Xen wrote:
> Is there any way in Linux to obtain an accurate frame/time number 
> through a GUI that can be used with ffmpeg?
> I know Avidemux hardly works at all, VLC will not reliably show frames.
> Pitivi is not an option, I haven't tried Kdenlive because it crashed 
> the first time I used it.
> Haven't attempted OpenShot or Cinerella and "DragonPlayer" is too 
> worthless to exist.
> What is a good tool to view results after you've created a video? 
> Because VLC closes its window and constantly resizes stuff it is not 
> very suitable.
> GMplayer in Debian doesn't work. (Kubuntu).
I suppose you just want a decent player with frame-by-frame navigation.
I use MPC-HC player (https://mpc-hc.org/ ).
It is much better than VLC for this purpose, you can navigate
frame by frame and show time with milliseconds, and even set custom
keyboard shortcuts. If you want to see exact frame number I don't think
there is such a player.

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