[FFmpeg-user] framerate conversion with sync audio

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Wed Oct 12 14:44:10 EEST 2016

2016-10-11 23:25 GMT+02:00 Carles Vila <cvilad at gmail.com>:
> Hi, I'm trying to perform framerate conversion of a video, from 24fps to
> 25fps to be precise.
> The source is  mov, ProRes with multichannel audio at 48kHz.
> It is mandatory for my application to preserve the integrity of all frames,
> i.e. no frame-interpolation or duplication should occur.

Then use the setpts filter, the input option -r tends to be unreliable.
Although using setpts means you have to take care if audio and
video start at the same time.

Or to say it differently: setpts is recommended, if r works for you,
all the better!

Since you change the video length, you have to change audio
speed, I don't know if asetpts is an alternative to atempo.

Carl Eugen

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