[FFmpeg-user] Transcode video problem with h264_nvenc

Sven C. Dack sven.c.dack at sky.com
Wed Oct 19 15:02:54 EEST 2016

On 19/10/16 12:39, Gabor Alsecz wrote:
> Got it, thanks for your hints!
> What i really try to achieve here to find a good command line option or a
> very similar one i can implement in my code where feeding FFmpeg process's
> stdout with raw byte data from code which encodes and stream to Youtube
> than.
We just had this topic the other day. The YouTube streaming service is still in 
beta and for unknown reason has it stopped working with ffmpeg (I'm assuming it 
did work in the past, because various people have posted scripts for ffmpeg on 
the Internet and these must have been working for them). However, beta or not, 
YouTube does already state they expect the incoming streams to be either FLV or 
DASH. So you'll likely be well on the right tracks by going with FLV for your tests.

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