[FFmpeg-user] Compiling FFmpeg without SecIdentityCreate API

joshsloat jsloat at articulate.com
Wed Oct 19 16:27:05 EEST 2016

Thanks Moritz and Phil. You are precisely correct as to why I posted the question where I did. 

>how about learning to use your mail client? 

Good grief, Reindl.  Comments like these are precisely why every conversation on the Internet devolves into a flame war. No help, no value, just misguided missiles. 

Back to the topic at hand - has anyone here had luck coming up with a build configuration that has successfully navigated Mac App Store approval? I have gone to Apple with this problem and they simply said: "you may want to consult with the developers of the third party framework, FFmpeg. While App Review cannot provide technical assistance, we have seen developers find solutions while using this third party framework.”

It appears that it is, in fact, possible - just a matter of finding the right switches. 


> On Oct 19, 2016, at 6:53 AM, Moritz Barsnick [via FFmpeg-users] <ml-node+s933282n4677932h51 at n4.nabble.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 19, 2016 at 10:15:34 +0200, Reindl Harald wrote: 
> > and create your own topic by compose a new mail and *not* reply to 
> > something else 
> No, he replied to the existing thread, asking whether the OP (or 
> whatever you call them on a mailing list) had come to a resolution - of 
> the original issue. It's not a new topic at all, and I am sure that 
> Josh understands very well that the binary he has been using isn't 
> being accepted my the AppStore and never will. 
> > - however, if you have a 
> > precompiled binary from somewhere then bother the person who built it 
> No, that's why he's here in this thread. He wants to know whether Anand 
> managed to recompile ffmpeg properly to get his app approved. 
> Moritz 
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